Now Featuring Linkable Speakers!

Link up to two speakers at once for double the fun!

Follow these simple instructions:

1) Link speaker to smartphone as normal by adding "B83" to your Bluetooth device list on your smartphone/tablet.

2) Once speaker is connected to device, power  off and power back on.

3) Power on second speaker. Second speaker will automatically connect to the already synced speaker that is connected to your smart device. This can take up to 10 seconds.

4) Done! Get those speakers Bump'n and let the fun begin.

*Linking ability only applies to koozies purchased in 2023 (Koozies that arrive in the black nylon pouch feature the linkable speakers)*



-When pairing two speakers together, it works best if they are separated 6-12"

-Interference from other electronic devices may prevent successful pairing, if this happens, move away from those electronics prior to pairing.